Ian Moore Research

Load out tunnels

IDM 27/7/05

Loadout tunnel under construction, Yandi 2 Mine, Western Australia.

Calculated and measured stresses under model stockpile.

Loadout tunnels may be placed in a trench excavated below original ground-level. The ore stockpile is constructed overhead using stacking equipment. Ore is removed by emptying through apertures onto a conveyor or into rail cars. The 30m iron ore stockpile at BHP-Iron Ore's Yandi 2 mine (Western Australia) unloads through two reinforced concrete vaults onto rail cars. Three rib reinforced corrugated metal culverts are used to connect the two vaults and provide ingoing and outgoing tunnels.

Work by Jeong (PhD, 2005) has established techniques of calculating vertical stresses resulting from the overlying stockpile, including the dip in pressure that develops directly under the apex of conical stockpiles. Procedures include calculation of loads after unloading and refilling.