Ian Moore Research

Thermoplastic drainage pipes

IDM 27/7/05

Corrugated HDPE pipe being installed, Chatham Ontario

Local buckling induced in the laboratory using high earth pressures; buckles in a) the inner liner and b) the sidewall and crest of the corrugation.

Profiled thermoplastic pipes are now a popular choice for gravity flow storm sewers. Pipes are manufactured from High Density Polyethylene, Polyvinyl Chloride and Polypropylene with three-dimensional wall geometry, and design must consider the potential for local bending and local buckling. Laboratory tests and 2D and 3D finite element analyses have been used to define the strength and service limits of these structures. Project 4-26 with McGrath, Brachman, Dhar and Munro funded by the National Collaborative Highway Research program has used these measurements and analyses to produce new AASHTO provisions for limit states design of buried thermoplastic pipes.