Ian Moore Research

Cast iron water pipe repair with cast in place liner

IDM 27/7/05

City of Hamilton test site for cast iron water pipe rehabilitation study, 2003.

Waterpipe condition at liner installation test site, Hamilton City, 2003.

Liner being installed and cured, City of Hamilton, 2003.

While liner systems have long been used to repair damaged sewers, difficulties associated with reopening of service connections has limited the use of liners within deteriorated water pipe infrastructure. In 2003-2004, Hamilton City funded a trial installation of the Sanexen lining system develop in Montréal, where a robotic system is used to reopen service connections. An investigation with Allouche for Hamilton City with Allouche evaluated the performance of the liner system, using tests on samples exhumed from the field site, as well as finite element analyses. An NSERC Strategic Research Grant awarded in 2004 is funding work with Fam to define performance limits for these pressure pipe liner systems, and to develop rational design methods for such systems.