Pascale Champagne: Research

Naturalized Treatment Systems - Stormwater

Project Description:

A project assessing the design and modelling of bioretention facilities for stormwater management application low impact development approaches in urban settings was initiated in January 2008 in collaboration with Dr. Yves Filion in the Department of Civil Engineering at Queen’s University. The study addressed water quality as well as waste quantity issues in the use of these low-cost mitigation systems in urban centres. This collaborative effort was also supported through the NSERC CREATE program, successfully awarded in 2009 to provide training in Civil Engineering for projects under the theme of STEWARD – System Training & Education in Water Assets Research & Development.




Roy-Poirier, A., P. Champagne and Y. Filion (2010) Bioretention System Processes for Phosphorus Pollution Control. Environmental Reviews 18:159-173 (IF = 2.318)


Roy-Poirier, A., P. Champagne and Y. Filion (2010) A Review of Bioretention System Research: Past, Present, and Future. Journal of Environmental Engineering – ASCE 136(9):876-889 (IF = 1.117)


Book Chapters:


Roy-Poirier, A., Y. Filion and P. Champagne (2010) Chapter 20 – Development of a Total Phosphorous Removal Model for Bioretention Systems in Dynamic Modeling of Urban Water Systems. Monograph 18. W. James, K.N. Irivine, J.Y. LI, E.A. McBean, R.E. Pitt and S.J. Wright, Eds. CHI. ISBN 13: 9780980885330 (invited monograph)


Conference Abstracts & Presentations:


Roy-Poirier, A., Y. Filion and P. Champagne (2009) Development of a Phosphorus Removal Model for Bioretention Systems. International Conference on Stormwater and Urban Water Systems Modelling, February 17-20. Toronto, Ontario


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