Pascale Champagne: Research

Groundwater Contamination - Agricultural Waste

Project Description:

Determination of the risks of impacting the water quality in bedrock aquifers overlain by only a thin veneer of surficial soils during the application of nutrients in an agricultural setting. Based on the comparison and the general observations made from a monitoring well network, specific recommendations regarding nutrient application (including timing) in the is environment were provided, including possible suggestions for modifying farm-specific Nutrient Management Plans. This project sponsored by the MOE was initiated in May 2007 and completed in 2010, in addition to on-going fractured bedrock research in the in the Tay River Watershed area and was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Kent Novakowski in the Department of Civil Engineering at Queen's University.

Conference Abstracts & Presentations:

Praamsma, T.W., K.S. Novakowski, S.A. Trimper and P. Champagne, P. (2011) Simulating pathogen and nutrient transport from the ground surface to a crystalline fractured rock aquifer, Perth, Ontario. National Ground Water Association Ground Water Summit. May 1-5. Baltimore, Maryland.