Pascale Champagne: Research

Natural Treatment Systems - Acid Mine Drainage

Projects Established at Queen's University:


Selection of optimal sulfate reducing bacteria reactor (SRBR) substrate material and corresponding optimal operating conditions for the mitigation of acid mine drainage. The results of the bench-scale study which was initiated in September 2006 were employed to design and test a pilot-scale SRBR passive treatment system to treat acid mine drainage generated at the Williams Brothers Mine site in Sierra National Forest (California). The pilot-scale system was constructed and implemented at the field site in May 2007. This project was undertaken in conjunction with the US Forest Service and Engineering Remediation Resources Group located in San Francisco (California), with the collaboration of Dr. Heather Jamieson in the Department of Geological Engineering at Queen's University.


Projects Established at Carleton University:

Alkaline mine drainage mitigation through a Northern Ontario natural wetland in Cobalt. Water quality monitoring, the identification of remediation processes and the impact of variations in climate on treatment efficiency are being investigated. Project undertaken in collaboration with Dr. Fred Michel in the Department of Earth Sciences at Carleton University from September 2003 to August 2007.




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Conference Abstracts & Presentations:


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