Sean Speer


Sean Speer holds both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Environmental Engineering from Carleton University. He has worked with passive treatment technologies for the treatment of all types of wastewater streams, from municipal and agricultural to acid mine drainage and landfill leachate. His work with small scale passive treatment systems has seen him working with the Ontario Rural Wastewater Center in Alfred, Ontario and the Institut Agronomic et Veterinaire Hassan II in Rabat, Morocco. He is currently focused on the design and Implementation of a hybrid-passive treatment system for the landfill leachate produced at the Merrick landfill in North Bay, Ontario.

Research Group: NSERC CRD


Speer, S., P. Champagne, A. Crolla and C. Kinsley (2009). Hydraulic Performance of a Mature Wetland Treating Milkhouse Wastewater and Agricultural Runoff. Water Science and Technology 59(12):2455-2462. (IF = 1.240; IF5 = 1.238)

Speer, S., and P. Champagne (2010). Merrick Landfill Site City of North Bay Treatability Study Summary Report - Summary Report prepared for Conestoga-Rovers and Associates. October 18, 2010. Department of Civil Engineering, Queen's University.

Speer, S., and P. Champagne (2007). Flow Attenuation in a Septic Tank Effluent Gravity (STEG) System Clarifier Tank: Comprehensive Clarifier Tank Testing - Preliminary Testing Report prepared for Clearford Industries, Inc. Queen's University Coastal Laboratory, Department of Civil Engineering. 28 pp.