Richard Plourde


Richard Plourde


Hometown: Pointe-Alexandre, NB

Education: B.A.Sc. Environmental Engineering (Dalhousie University)

Research Group: NSERC CRD

Co-SupervisorDr. Kent Novakowski

Thesis: The Potential Impact of Naturally- Attenuated Leachate from the Merrick Landfill on the Little Sturgeon River

Abstract: The migration of contaminated groundwater into surface water bodies such as streams and rivers poses a significant risk to the ecology of these features. The study will include a detailed field study to establish what are the natural attenuation pathways at the Site, and to understand the groundwater/surface water interaction on the streambed and the near-river zone. In this study, the setting is complicated by the presence of a bedrock ridge at the river bank and the presence of low permeability sediments underlying the stream.