Rami Maassarani

       Rami Maassarani

       Email: rami.a.h.maassarani@gmail.com

       Hometown: Ottawa, ON

       Education: M.A.Sc. (Environmental Engineering)

       Thesis: Wastewater Treatment in the High Canadian Arctic

Abstract: Wastewater treatment in the Canadian High Arctic presents several challenges due to geographical, climatic and social reasons unique to the area. The cold climate and year-round permafrost make the installation of conventional treatment systems impractical from economic and environmental aspects. These factors create the need for systems that are both reliable and require little maintenance. As such, the use of waste stabilization ponds, engineered basins designed to detain and treat wastewater, is quite common because of their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. These systems rely on algal and bacterial mediated biological processes to remove contaminants from the wastewater before its discharge into the surrounding environment.

The purpose of this research is to determine the impact of environmental factors on microalgal growth as well as the role of the microalgae in the wastewater treatment process.