Evan Madill

Evan Madill
Evan Madill


Hometown: Calgary, AB

Education: B.Sc. Eng. Engineering Chemistry

Research Group: Renewable Biomaterials 

Co-Supervisor: Dr. M. F. Cunningham

Thesis: Graft Modified Natural Polymers for Heavy Metal Recovery and Wastewater Treatment

Awards: Northeastern Chemical Association (2014); R.T. Mohan, Chemistry (2014); W.W. Near (2014); Susan Near, Chemistry (2014); Engineering Chemistry Industry (2013); Dr. William Nichols, Analytical Chemistry (2013); Erwin Buncel, Organic Chemistry (2013); G.B. Dyer/DuPont Canada (2012); Queen’s Principal’s (2011 & 2012); The Science 1946 Memorial (2011).