Daniel Krasznai

Daniel Krasznai

Email: daniel.krasznai@chee.queensu.ca

Hometown: Burlington, Ontario 

Education: B.Sc. Eng. Chemical Engineering

Research Group: Production of Building Block Chemicals from Renewables

Co-Supervisor: Prof. Michael Cunningham

Thesis: Amphiphilic block copolymers containing polysaccharides and synthetic polymer units

Abstract: Polymers containing polysaccharide and synthetic polymer units (i.e., glycopolymers) having amphiphilic character were explored.   A multitude of polymer chemistries were used to create these glycopolymers, including Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (ATRP), Single Electron Transfer Living Radical Polymerization (SET-LRP), and cobalt(II) mediated Catalytic Chain Transfer Polymerization (CCTP).   In addition, thiol-Michael addition and reductive amination chemistries were used as intermediate steps in the synthesis of some synthetic-natural polymer hybrids.   The architecture of these glycopolymers   (i.e., graft, linear, or hyperbranched) was explored as a means to produce amphiphilic materials with controllable colloidal stability in water.   These materials could be used in environmental or drug delivery applications or as modified degradable polymers for commercial use.

Awards: G.E. Ted Courtnage Graduate Fellowship (2010-2011), Queen's University