Audrey Roy-Poirer

  • Graduated: 2009
  • Research Group Bioretention Systems


Roy-Poirier, A., P. Champagne and Y. Filion (2010) Bioretention System Processes for Phosphorus Pollution Control. Environmental Reviews 18:159-173 (IF = 1.836; IF5 = 2.300)

Roy-Poirier, A., P. Champagne and Y. Filion (2010). A Review of Bioretention System Research: Past, Present and Future. Journal of Environmental Engineering -ASC 136(9):876-889 (Online Publication January 28, 2010) (IF = 1.174; IF5 = 1.449)

Roy-Poirier, A., Y. Filion and P. Champagne (2010). Chapter 20 - Development of a Total Phosphorus Removal Model for Bioretention Systems in Dynamic Modeling of Urban Water Systems. Monograph 18. W. James, K.N. Irvine, J.Y. Li, E.A. McBean, R.E. Pitt, and S.J. Wright, Eds. CHI. P. Champagne and Y. ISBN 13: 9780980885330.