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Graduate Studies

Doctor of Philosophy

The minimum FEAS Graduate Council requirements for the program are four term courses beyond the Master's degree, research and thesis, and a comprehensive examination. The objective of the comprehensive exam is to establish to the satisfaction of the Department that the student has a sound proposal for Ph.D. research, an effective grasp of his/her main and related areas of study and the ability to handle facts, new ideas and concepts at the Ph.D level. The exam must be completed within four to eighteen months of registering in the Ph.D. program. Details of these comprehensive examinations are available upon request from the Graduate Assistant in the Department.


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Ph.D in Civil Engineering Major Map

Whether you are considering or have embarked on graduate studies at Queen’s, use this map to plan for success in five overlapping areas of your career and academic life. The map helps you explore possibilities, set goals and track your individual accomplishments. Everyone’s journey is different – the guide offers options for finding your way at Queen’s and setting the foundation for your future.