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Civil Engineering

The natural and built environment



Environmental Geotechnical Hydrotechnical Structural

What Does a Civil Engineer Do?

Civil Engineering is a challenging and dynamic profession serving society to improve the quality of our life, the health of our social system, the continuity of our economy and business activities, and our competitive position in the international market place.


Civil Engineer

Graduate Studies

The graduate program and research goals of the Department of Civil Engineering are consistent with the mission of both Queen's University and the civil engineering profession. These goals, which reflect the educational, professional and research needs of society and the environment.


MASTERS & Doctoral

Undergraduate Studies

Civil Engineering is a challenging profession with a broad field of study. We have developed an innovative program with a choice of emphasis on either the infrastructure or the environmental fields.



Discover the Challenges & Excitement of Civil Engineering

Internationally recognized team of people to provide a first class educational, research, and development enterprise.

Civil Engineering at Queen's

Our objective is to provide a broadly-based education in civil engineering which is intrinsically supported by world-class research in the areas of Structural, Geotechnical, Hydrotechnical, and Environmental Engineering. The Department envisions a need for broadly-educated Civil Engineers with strong foundations in a wide variety of sub-disciplines, and excellent development of professional skills. 

State of the Art Facilities

hands-on learning with field-based experience

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